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Like all other major current Databases of Fishes, FishWise is based on the work of Bill Eschmeyer and his colleagues at the California Academy of Sciences. Bill is widely accepted as the father of modern fish databases. Dennis has worked closely with him for many years and Bill has generously given him access to his data and spent many hours teaching him how to understand it.
Bill has been Dennis' mentor and guidance on this project.

Many other people have contributed to the project.

Jack Randall, despite being one of the most productive Ichthyologists of modern times, is always ready to answer any question in great detail. He believes that all emails should be answered before retiring to bed. Many of us could learn a great deal and become more productive by following his example. He has generously allowed FishWise to use his pictures.

Richard Winterbottom is an enthusiastic supporter of this project and has been using a standalone desktop version of FishWise for many years. He has witnessed the progress of the system development over this period and feedback received from him has been invaluable. He has kindly submitted more than 2500 of his excellent fish pictures for inclusion in FishWise.

Phil and Elaine Heemstra have become close friends of Dennis and Sally and have helped to keep their interest in fish alive. They have been extremely supportive and have contributed greatly with their knowledge. They are always happy to answer any questions, identify fish pictures or send any information that is requested or which they feel may be of interest.

Jane Bernhardt has done all the programming for this site. She is undoubtedly the major contributor to the success of the presentation and the functionality which it offers. She is highly intelligent, has extensive knowledge and experience in Website design and coupled with her patience, sense of humour, willingness to listen and to learn, has been an absolute delight to work with.

Other people who have influenced or contributed to this project are Barry Hutchins, Helen Larson, Rudie Kuiter, Ofer Gon, Leonard Compagno, Neville Ayliffe, John Dench and Barry Skinstad.

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