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Avet SX 5.3 MC Reel testimonial

I have long admired Avet reels whenever I have seen them whilst boat angling, yet it is just recently that I understood they made casting reels as well. I was searching for a substitute reel for my Penn 525 that I lost previously this year. I was torn in between another Penn and also an Akios 656. I had a message from Duncan Goldsmith the co-owner of RokMax Sporting activity Angling, recommending that I take a look at the Avet SX 5.3

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The technological specifications look quite impressive. The reel is made from 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminium and stainless steel, The frame originates from a from a single block of blend, this gives it better stamina and also at only 14oz, it maintains the weight down. To complete the procedure the reel is anodised to provide it a great look as well as corrosion resistance. Talking of surface you have a selection of 7 colours, I picked something a little different and chose the purple. I believe it lightens up points up a little bit and also looks great in pictures.

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The Avet is similar in dimension to the Penn 525 and your typical 6000 sized reel. It holds 320yds of 15lb line and has a retrieve proportion of 5.3:1. For full safety and security it features a coordinating clamp, that allows you to lock it firmly on the rod. It is fitted with a cog or alarm remote control as the producers prefer to call it, which is perfect when angling for bigger fish.

The first thing I noticed about the reel was it is a lever drag. Currently I have never found a lever drag casting multiplier in the past, so I was a bit sceptical in spite of being told that the MC in the title of the reel meant Magic Cast. The lever drag comes pre-programmed from the factory at 9lb on the strike mode and also 14lb on full lock, which manages the completely dry carbon fiber drags providing outstanding quiting power, smoothness and put on resistance.You can if you like change the stress of both those points.

When I initially got the test variation of the reel it was packed with some monstrously thick mono. I tried a few casts with it. In spite of the casts being extremely smooth I was extremely let down by the distance I can achieve. I refilled it with 18lb Trabucco T-Force XPS Longcast which has a very low size of only 0.22 mm. Not just was I using a line that I rely on but because of its reduced diameter I could load a lot more on that particular merely 320yds.

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Next session out I placed a number of careless casts in to bed the line down, then let fly with a full blown pendulum with the magnetic brakes completely on. I was half anticipating the reel to blow up on me, however not at all. The cast was extremely smooth. With enhanced self-confidence I transformed the magnets down up until I had them on the lowest setting. My casts flew out, I have no idea the real distance yet it looked further than when I used my Penn, it certainly was not any much less. I am not exactly sure if at the most affordable establishing the brakes are entirely off or there is still a small level of braking. The reason I am not sure is that even at setting 1 the reel is very smooth when it is cast. If I turn the brakes right down on my Penn I would certainly anticipate a minimum of 3 out of 10 casts to birdsnest. I am not claiming I have never ever had a birds nest with the Avet, yet I think it has happened so infrequently in the past 4 months that I cannot keep in mind the last time I did. This is by far the best spreading reel I have ever before used, this I suspect it down to the 8 stainless steel bearings it runs on.

Casting is undoubtedly a significant variable when thinking about any reel however just how the reel executes over time as well as under pressure is equally vital. I utilize the Avet almost whenever I fish from the coast and also celebrations on the watercraft for Bream, Plaice and wrecking for Pollock. Once you have actually linkeded into a good fish after that the effective tailoring takes over. The huge comfortable take care of permits you to crank in dual number Pollock with ease. The the main thing I enjoy more about this reel than anything else is the lever nuisance; I love bar drags. Almost all of my watercraft reels are lever bother, I like the capability to easily control how much pressure to put on a fish.

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I have had several excellent Cod and also Bass on it from the shore in relatively rough conditions. When you are generating that big wheel and also the browse grabs it to draw it back, you need to be able to slow off the bother quickly and also let it go back with the browse. or risk it being pulled off with the force of the water. With a fast movement of the lever you can sag off the pain to allow the fish to be drawn back under pressure after that lock it around crank the fish on the beach. The drag is extremely smooth and helped me tame this near 7lb Bass in a heavy browse.