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Feroxodon multistriatus (Richardson 1854)


Currently Accepted Name: Feroxodon multistriatus (Richardson 1854)

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Domain : Eukaryota
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Subphylum : Vertebrata
Superclass : Gnathostomata
Grade : Teleostomi
Class : Actinopterygii
Subclass : Neopterygii
Division : Teleostei
Subdivision : Euteleostei
Superorder : Acanthopterygii
Series : Percomorpha
Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Tetraodontidae
Genus : Feroxodon
Species : multistriatus

Selected Name

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Name: Feroxodon multistriatus
Author: (Richardson 1854)
Genus: Feroxodon
Species: multistriatus

Current Name

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Current Name: Feroxodon multistriatus
Current Author: (Richardson 1854)
Current Genus: Feroxodon
Current Species: multistriatus
Current Summary: Feroxodon multistriatus (Richardson 1854) Tetraodontidae.

Original Name

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Original Name: Anchisomus multistriatus
Original Author: Richardson 1854
Original Genus Species: Anchisomus multistriatus
Original Genus: Anchisomus
Original Species: multistriatus

Original Description

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Original Name:Anchisomus multistriatus Richardson 1854
Reference: [ref. 3746]
Journal Acronym: BOOK
Journal: The zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Herald, ...
Article: Vertebrals, including fossil mammals. Fish. Pp. 156-171, Pls. 30-33. In: E. Forbes (ed.). The zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Herald, under the command of Captain Henry Kellett, R. N., C. B., during the years 1845-51. London.
Text Page: 160
Illustrations: Pl. 24 (figs. 1-3)
Type Locality: S. Polynesia.
Primary Type: Holotype (unique): BMNH (dry)
Comments: Inhabits shallow inshore waters and offshore soft bottoms (Ref. 9710). Feeds on fishes and invertebrates (Ref. 9710). Highly toxic and is responsible for amputation of swimmers toes (Ref. 9710).


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* Valid as Anchisomus multistriatus Richardson 1854.

Allen & Swainston 1988 - [ref. 25477] - The marine fishes of north-western Australia. A field guide for anglers and divers. Page: 154

Allen 1997 - [ref. 23977] - Marine fishes of tropical Australia and south-east Asia. Western Australian Museum, Perth. Page: 244

* Valid as Feroxodon multistriatus (Richardson 1854).

Kuiter 1997 - [ref. 25488] - Guide to sea fishes of Australia. A comprehensive reference for divers and fishermen. Page: 414

Hutchins 2001 - [ref. 25847] - Checklist of the fishes of Western Australia. Page: 48

Hoese et al. 2006 - [ref. 29099] - Tetraodontidae (pp. 1912-1929). In: Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Volume 35. Fishes. Page: 1920

Distribution and Habitat

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Water Type: Salt
Habitat: reef-associated
Depth Range: No depth range available.
Distribution: Australia.


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Maximum Length: 390mm


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Feroxodon multistriatus (Richardson 1854)
new combination
Anchisomus multistriatus Richardson 1854original combinationNo


Common Names

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Common NameUsed InLanguage
Scribbled toadfishAustraliaEnglish
Manystriped blowfishFishWiseEnglish
Many-striped pufferfishAustraliaEnglish
Manystriped blowfishPapua New GuineaEnglish
Many-striped pufferMicronesia, Federated StatesEnglish

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Distribution of Feroxodon multistriatus

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