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Aequidens paraguayensis Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903


Currently Accepted Name: Bujurquina vittata (Heckel 1840)

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Domain : Eukaryota
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Subphylum : Vertebrata
Superclass : Gnathostomata
Grade : Teleostomi
Class : Actinopterygii
Subclass : Neopterygii
Division : Teleostei
Subdivision : Euteleostei
Superorder : Acanthopterygii
Series : Percomorpha
Order : Perciformes
Suborder : Labroidei
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Aequidens
Species : paraguayensis

Selected Name

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Name: Aequidens paraguayensis
Author: Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903
Genus: Aequidens
Species: paraguayensis

Current Name

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Current Name: Bujurquina vittata
Current Author: (Heckel 1840)
Current Genus: Bujurquina
Current Species: vittata
Current Summary: Bujurquina vittata (Heckel 1840) Cichlidae.

Original Name

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Original Name: Aequidens paraguayensis
Original Author: Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903
Original Genus Species: Aequidens paraguayensis
Original Genus: Aequidens
Original Species: paraguayensis

Original Description

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Original Name:Aequidens paraguayensis Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903
Reference: [ref. 1260]
Journal Acronym: PANSP
Journal: Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Article: On a collection of fishes from Paraguay, with a synopsis of the American genera of cichlids.
Citation: v. 55
Pages: 497-537
Text Page: 534
Type Locality: Asuncion, Paraguay.
Primary Type: Holotype: CAS 34716 [ex IU 10066]
Types: Paratypes: CAs 34717 [ex IU 10067] (now 5), 67018 [ex IU 10068] (5), 66885 [ex IU 10069] (now 4), 67240 [ex IU 10070] (now 8). Other specimens and/or possible types: CAS 67014 [ex IU 10071] (2), 67015 [ex IU 10074] (4), 67016-17 [ex IU 10073] (1, 1); NMW 33680 (1); ZMB 17074-75 (2, 1), 17078-79 (ca. 20, 2), 17082 (2), 17085-86 (9, 10).


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* Synonym of Bujurquina vittata (Heckel 1840).

Britski et al. 1998 - [ref. 24147] - Peixes do Pantanal. Manual de identificaçao. Embrapa. Serviçao de Produçal -SPI, Brasía, DF. Page: 135

Distribution and Habitat

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Water Type: Fresh & Salt
Habitat: No habitat information has been entered yet.
Depth Range: No depth range available.
Distribution: No distribution data has been added yet.


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Maximum Length: No length available.


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Aequidens paraguayensis Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903
original combination
Acara paraguayensis (Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903)new combinationNo
Bujurquina paraguayensis (Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903)new combinationNo


Common Names

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No common names are available for this name combination.
Common names might possibly exist under it's current name: Bujurquina vittata

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There are no images because this is not a valid name.


Distribution of Bujurquina vittata

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