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Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928


Currently Accepted Name: Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928

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Domain : Eukaryota
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Subphylum : Vertebrata
Superclass : Gnathostomata
Grade : Teleostomi
Class : Actinopterygii
Subclass : Neopterygii
Division : Teleostei
Subdivision : Euteleostei
Superorder : Ostariophysi
Series : Otophysi
Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Cheirodon
Species : australe

Selected Name

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Name: Cheirodon australe
Author: Eigenmann 1928
Genus: Cheirodon
Species: australe

Current Name

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Current Name: Cheirodon australe
Current Author: Eigenmann 1928
Current Genus: Cheirodon
Current Species: australe
Current Summary: Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928 Characidae.

Original Name

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Original Name: Cheirodon australe
Original Author: Eigenmann 1928
Original Genus Species: Cheirodon australe
Original Genus: Cheirodon
Original Species: australe

Original Description

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Original Name:Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928
Reference: [ref. 1245]
Journal Acronym: MNASW
Journal: Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences
Article: The fresh-water fishes of Chile.
Citation: v. 22 (no. 2)
Pages: 1-63
Drawings: Pls. 1-16
Text Page: 44
Illustrations: Pl. 9 (fig. 3)
Type Locality: Puerta Varas, Chile.
Primary Type: Holotype: CAS 59762 [ex IU 15509]
Types: Paratypes: (187) CAS 59763 [ex IU 15509] (127 + 3 c&s), 69186 [ex IU 15509] (24); USNM 84317 [ex IU] (12), 221998 [ex USNM 84317] (2, c&s). Plus non-type material.
Type Catalog: Vari & Howe 1991:14 [ref. 19022].


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* Valid as Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928.

Campos 1982 - [ref. 8500] - Sistemática del género *Cheirodon* (Pisces: Characidae) en Chile con descripción de una nueva especie. Análisis de multivarianza. Page: 146

Pequeño 1989 - [ref. 14125] - Peces de Chile. Lista sistemática revisada y comentada. Page: 40

Campos et al. 1996 - [ref. 23440] - Presencia de *Cheirodon australe* (Pisces: Characidae) en Lago Tarahuin (Isla Grande de Chiloe, 42°40'S, Chile) y su significado zoogeografico. Page: 69

Malabarba 1998 - [ref. 23844] - Monophyly of the Cheirodontinae, characters and major clades (Ostariophysi: Characidae). Pp. 193-233. In: Malabarba et al. 1998 [ref. 23777]. Page: 215

Dyer 2000 - [ref. 26678] - Systematic review and biogeography of the freshwater fishes of Chile [Revision sistematica y biogeografica de los peces dulceacuicolas de Chile]. Page: 84

Malabarba in Reis et al. 2003 - [ref. 27061] - Check list of the freshwater fishes of South and Central America. Page: 216
Comment: dated 1927

Distribution and Habitat

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Water Type: Fresh
Habitat: demersal
Depth Range: No depth range available.
Distribution: Pacific versant basins in middle Chile.


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Maximum Length: 75mm(SL)
2.95" (SL)


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Cheirodon australe Eigenmann 1928
original combination


Common Names

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No common names are available for this name combination.

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Distribution of Cheirodon australe

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